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NEDclassified is purely for advertising board / governing body vacancies. The users of the site are organisations looking for board members and individuals looking for vacancies.

We also allow Board Apprentice Global Ltd to advertise host board vacancies globally through the website. This gives exposure to a wide range of organisations and candidates globally. Board Apprentice’s focus on diversity helps us have a broad diversity of candidates connected to the site.

Companies advertising with us will gain exposure to the organisations, decision makers and board member candidates using NEDclassified.

You can place a tailor made ad on our website outlining your services, please contact for further information.

For Executive Search firms specifically we have a listing page where you can offer your services to the organisations and candidates using NEDclassified.

We want to keep it free to post and apply for board positions. This is to encourage more transparency on available board vacancies and thus increase governance best practice. We also want to increase the reach of available candidates.
We cover the cost of running the website through our Executive Search listing and advertising from relevant board and director service providers.

Listing service for Executive Search firms cost £500 a year, payable in advance.

Advertising on the website is individual and limited to a small number of advertisers. Please contact us for tailor made pricing for website advertising space on